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Default Analogy: Stocked Fishing Pond

Here's an analogy:

Sometimes I liked to go fishing in a place that has two stocked fishing ponds. Both ponds are equal size and quality. The owner doesn't care what I catch, so long as I put it on the scale and pay for it. In other words, I pay the same $$$$ amount for every pound of fish meat I catch.

One pond is stocked with the big fish -- these are considered "trophy fish."
The other pond is stocked with regular, legal-sized fish and they are a about 50% the size of the trophy fish. (Comparison: International recruits = trophy, while USA = regular)

(Int'l recruits):
Initially, I wanted to catch big trophy fish. I had my picture taken with it & I verbally bragged about it. It made a good story. But it was costly and I was back in the car quickly.

(USA recruits):
Then I started fishing in the regular-fish pond. Now I could catch twice as many fish, the string of fish makes a nice picture too, and Wow, do they ever put up a big fight! I fish more often, longer and I bring friends.

Hmmmm....Now think tennis recruiting

I just think that if you stock the pond with big fish, you're going to get a big fish (in the round of 16). I think the coaches need to stop ogling for the international recruits that the CANNOT even watch play in person, before recruiting.

Also, it's USA tennis in the USA. Keep in mind that International parents, family and friends are less likely to travel to the USA to watch and support their child's college tennis matches. Whereas, family and friends of USA recruits are more apt and able to attend, support and cheer for USA.
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