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Originally Posted by tennismom42 View Post
Also, it's USA tennis in the USA. Keep in mind that International parents, family and friends are less likely to travel to the USA to watch and support their child's college tennis matches. Whereas, family and friends of USA recruits are more apt and able to attend, support and cheer for USA.
Maybe this is your experience. It is not mine.

At all the college tennis matches I have attended, family, friends, and just plain ol' fans are rooting for the individual or the team.

I have never been to [any] college athletic event where people are rooting for "USA".

If I were a player or a coach on a college team in any sport, with one or more international players, and a fan........never mind a family member.....was rooting for USA, I would consider that an insult to the team and boorish behavior. I'd feel embarrassed for any player on the team whose parents were doing something like this

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