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I'd take Edberg out of the equation for a couple of reasons.

First, I agree, the strokes were imbalanced - a classic backhand with which he could do some damage and fairly ugly continental forehand that he used basically just to stay in the point and position himself (though he could actually hit a few winners on the run). But, it actually wasn't that horrible. He knew exactly what to do with it and never tried to overplay it. I think some (not all) of the imbalance perception comes simply from aesthetics - the beautiful backhand vs. the funky forehand.

Second, and more importantly, he was a serve and volleyer, and attacked when not serving as well. Whatever backhand-forehand groundstroke imbalance he had just isn't going to have the same impact on his overall game as the baseliners that have been mentioned. He wasn't never going to stay on the baseline forever and let his opponent grind down his forehand. And, as we all know once he got to mid court and then the net, he had incredible forehand half-volley and volley, balanced with a backhand volley that was probably even better.
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