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Originally Posted by nadal_slam_king View Post
Same as 2008, Djokovic got the AO (clearly his best slam, he's won it 3 times) and nothing more. The thing is, the Australian Open is Nadal's worst slam, so if Nadal is going to win 3 slams in a year, its likely not going to include the Australian Open (where he's lost in QF 2 of the last 3 years). A dominant year for Nadal will obviously include the Channel slam and the US Open (the last time Nadal lost before the semis of US Open was 2007).
AO is not is worst slam. USO is.

It isn't only about how far you get. I'm really amazed at the lack of intelligence of some of you.

At the 2008, 2009, and 2011 USOs Rafa didn't play a single top 10 player before the semis. In 2010, the only top 10 player he played before the Final was Verdasco, who is about the easiest top 10 opponent he could've faced regardless of his current W over Rafa.

On the other hand, in his two quarterfinal losses at the AO, he played Murray (5th seed) and Ferrer (7th seed).

All his results show is that he got better draws at the USO. You can't use one variable (slam results) to prove something when you don't control other factors. It would make more sense to compare his record against the top 10 at each tournament in order to determine which is his worst.

I still think he's much more vulnerable at USO.

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