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Originally Posted by dodgers View Post
Richard1500, you had better stick to being a so called "Professional tennis player" as I don’t think you really understand what the ins and outs of tennis gear actually is.
I think it was a bit of a strange statement you were trying to get across.
Bet your racquet is made in China, and your shoes too............. oh, how about your shirt..
Your are right. Everything else is being made in China. But wasn't that the reason why America is in crisis??? At the end I found something really interesting about this thread. When you try several strings from LUX to RPM, and from Ashaway and Pacific, to Kirschbaum and Signum Pro, for me it was pretty amazing finding a string that doesn´t cost 240usd with the same quality. Even more, I received an e-mail from a friend in Europe today telling me there are many secrets in Tennis. There are strings that say Made in France, that are made in Germany. And packed in France. Also he told me Nadal never used the Pro Hurricane Tour and he sent me a photo of Nadal when he was using PHT, and his string looks more like a Polyester than the Hurricane Tour. Also his racquet (Nadal racquet) has the Cortex painted. The same with Djokovic, a lot of secrets, and Federer. So I guess at the end a company that pays 16usd for each reel made in Taiwan and selling it for 155usd, cannot be better than a reel made in Germany that probably costs 40usd and it is sold for 180usd. How much do you think a racquet costs being made in China? 20? 30usd? And how much does a regular player pays for it? I wish America was not in Crisis, and I wish I could still find tennis shoes being made here, and clothing, and Racquets If I would have money I would start working in making good quality sports products in America!!!
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