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Originally Posted by skeeter View Post
Suppawat, I've got a Dual Pro 1 coming my way. Any thoughts on string and tension that you found worked? I typically use gut/poly hybrid in other racquets; curious how this might work in the DP. I'm a 4.0 all courter, 1hbh, singles and doubles. Thanks.
X-Dual Pro is a low powered racquet. I tried Donnay X-Poly/X-Syncore at 52 lbs, and loved the feel of this hybrid. The only problem is low power. Then I changed main string to Weisscannon SilverString and it helped. Now I use a test poly string at 52 lbs (look like ALU Power Rough, but softer) and lead tape at 10/2 and 4/8. It plays much better.
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