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Originally Posted by ace_pace View Post
Thanks everyone for the tips, I'll be trying to use them the next time I play. charliefederer thank you for the tutorial. I've been working with a private coach and he keeps telling me to have a higher ball toss. Funny thing is though, when I do, I dont like the feeling of just hanging there waiting for the ball to come down again. I guess its something I have to get used to.
The main point of my above post is that to occupy the added time, you need to actively do something.

Since you noted that you "don't use my legs as much as I should", the added time is getting a deeper knee bend, because to get more leg drive, first you have to bend the knees more.

But "deeper knee bend" is not the feeling you as a server has. I think it much more feels like you are lowering the weight of your body down - essentially doing a squat while your tossing arm is up.

It's very difficult to get that knee bending/squat while maintaining your arm up straight if done super fast like a "jack in the box'".

That's why you see virtually all the pros, and likely all the better players in your area, bending their knees squatting, while the ball is in the air.

Sp in photos 4-9 above, Sampras is not "doing nothing" in this time from when his arm is straight up, and the ball is probably high as you now are hitting it.

In photos 4-9 Sampras is actively loading for his big serve by actively preparing his legs for the big leg push off that will power his serve.

In photo 4, he has only a slight knee bend. He has to actively lower his body while maintaining his balance in the subsequent photos to where he has that deep knee bend at his trophy pose in photo 9.

Also notice that he is also letting his front hip progressively protrude forward into the court forming the "archer's bow."

I'll bet your trophy pose doesn't look like this:

or this:


Instead DO!

DO get that deep knee bend by lowering your body weight while your arm is up.

DO get into the bow shape.

DO THAT, and you'll be fully loaded to bash that ball!
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