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^^ charliefederer, thanks for the pics. As usual, I am very interested in serve posts. One of the key things I noticed in the Sampras pics is how much action happens after the ball leaves Sampras's hands. In pic #1, the ball has left the tossing hand, but the racquet is still by the side of his foot. From this point on, while the ball is in the air, Sampras completes the rest of his serve to contact - including raising the tossing arm, knee bend, hip out into the tennis court, reverse of bow and swing to contact. This just shows how much time there is while the ball is in the air.
Rec players like me are so anxious to hit the ball once it's left the tossing arm that the rest of the key steps tend to be abbreviated if not skipped, and the racquet gets up into trophy position too fast where it wrongly pauses. You summarized it well when you said there's a lot to DO after the ball toss, and it's important to do all that.
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