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Originally Posted by ace_pace View Post
Thanks everyone for the tips, I'll be trying to use them the next time I play. charliefederer thank you for the tutorial. I've been working with a private coach and he keeps telling me to have a higher ball toss. Funny thing is though, when I do, I dont like the feeling of just hanging there waiting for the ball to come down again. I guess its something I have to get used to.
I would tend to advise you don't wait for the ball to come down again, instead go up there after it. The "jumping" you refer to is more accurately described as a forceful extension such that it pulls you off the ground. You don't jump to get it, you forcefully extend upwards. The higher contact point will aid in net clearance, proper shoulder angulation and greater contribution from your kinetic chain (less arming of the ball, which contributed to your elbow issue.)

What grip are you using for your serve? Very often when I see people who are most comfortable with a low contact point on their serve, I see them using a forehand grip, vice conti or EBH.
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