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Originally Posted by tennismom42 View Post
Also, it's USA tennis in the USA. Keep in mind that International parents, family and friends are less likely to travel to the USA to watch and support their child's college tennis matches. Whereas, family and friends of USA recruits are more apt and able to attend, support and cheer for USA.
This boarders on a Xenophobic view.

Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
OFF-TOPIC WARNING: In CUSA it's all Tulsa and Rice on the women's side, right? Anyone else even close? Memphis?

(On-topic token comment.......Rice has a hot-shot British frosh apparently)
Memphis lost to Tulsa 3-4 in the Semi's. I believe Memphis is better than Rice, but they never played and I'm biased. Memphis #1 singles player made the NCAA's.
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