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I was a ballboy and was there - I didn't work that match but saw it in person, crowd was huge for Connors and really was no big reaction - it did happen fast and Jimbo did a quick "duck walk" and ran back - most folks kinda laughed. Corrado was not a fan fav anyway and had this hangdog attitude so the fans took it as Jimbo being Jimbo.

But for the finals (which I did work) it was totally different as Vilas was having such a huge year and was sooooo cool Jimbo just didn't have them in his pocket that night. There was a HUGE group of like 1000 from Argentina in the stands - its like every Argentinian steakhouse closed for the night and every staff member was in attendance.....the majority of the older Westside members who were very stiff upper middle class Forest Hills folks rooted for Vilas as's was the younger Americans 17 - 40 who were the only ones really pulling for Connors.

Also BS that marks were not checked at the time - I played and worked at numerous events at Westside in the 70s from Jr events, WCT events and the US Open and on the Har Tru the marks got checked on a regular basis.
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