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Originally Posted by Mitch Bridge View Post
It is very difficult to find enough matches to stay competitive with the best players who are playing up to 120 per year with doubles included. the player with the most matches usually wins. It takes a ton of winning to play that many matches in a 12 month period, but it is an excellent goal if you want to excel. It takes a couple of junior divisions,if not high school tennis and adult opens.
I can see you and Chalk referred to tournaments in different sections.
I remembered you noted no consolation in CA but there are lots of sections where consys are available.
Turned out even many younger kids (8-12) in my section playing close to or more than 100 matches a year (doubles included).

My concern; "is it too much?, too many available?, are parents/kids going overboard at a young age?".

I saw one ~11 yo with 197 matches and ~ 9 yo with 172 matches in 12 months period. No doubt, they are great! But including practice drills and conditioning during the week, how much the body (and mind) can handle?
I might be biased but that girl I saw (at tourns over past few years) just looked aged, unhappy..."just another day at the office" look.

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