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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Thanks for that reply alidi.

Q for Meaghs, FedK or anyone who has swapped the thin yonex grip for leather.

How many grams did a leather grip add to the yonnie?

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on the 98 (since the 310 97 will not be available in the US), hit with the 98d yesterday and liked it; check, loved it. Not a harsh stiff flex, just solid. Reminiscent of a faster swinging kblade98, with much more bite on the ball.

95 looks good (and maybe I should demo that as well) but I'd like to build the frame up to my specs.
This how much the stock yonex grip weighs.

While, this is how much a yonex leather grip weighs straight from the package.

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