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Originally Posted by jimanuel12 View Post
have been playing with a friend of mine 15 years my junior, cannot find anyone my age to play with.
i was beating him on a regular basis until i hurt my arm again. from the other post, hurt my arm about 3 years ago using the darn Wilson hyper hammer.
never really fully recovered.
now i am taking the ASTYM therapy - so let's hope for the best.
hope to be playing again in a few weeks if i am lucky.
Good luck! My arms are just's the wheels that are lacking . So far, my decision to skip the 'recommended' knee replacement is working out okay. Twenty-five mile bike ride tomorrow but still haven't been on the court this year. Hard to believe after over 35 years of tennis. Having easy access to soft courts 'might' help me, but those are few and far between here in central Texas.

It's not easy to do, but if you can figure out what strokes actually hurt your arm and can just do everything else, at least you could stay on the court. Back in the old days, I probably went three weeks without hitting a backhand(during my worst TE in the '80s). Got halfway decent at hitting 'off hand'(lefty for me).

Hang in there!!!
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