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Thanks for that Meaghs,
So approximately 15grams extra for the leather (depending on brand) and 10grams extra for a heavier syn.grip. The static and swing weight should be ok with the 98, no? I want it around 12.0-12.2oz, 5pts.HL and ~330sw. Should be able to acheive this with a stock 98d.

Completely agree, the flex is definitely not harsh; it's a crisp and solid flex. I'd like to go with the 95 but I think the 98 is for me (customized). I was driving the ball and getting massive 'top' on the reverse fh, helped me pick off that extra shot. Also, excellent slice frame, off of both wings. Addictive. Seemed like a versatile racquet (98d) to play strategic tennis with. Figure out your opponents weakness and exploit.

Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
the flex is cool, its certainly not harsh imo. The leather plus og comes in around 30g minus yonex grip I think is 10-12g so it adds around 20g. You need to compensate in the hoop if you want to keep the balance around 7pts, I've got about 8g from 10-2 its also raised my sw into the 350+ region, so you need to think of that. My spec is now 361g/32cm/355sw.
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