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Originally Posted by syke View Post
Yes you are right. Swooping for a leather will inadvertently increase the grip size, thanks to the paper thin stock grip.

That's why I had mail ordered yonex leather grips directly from Japan as they are only 1.4mm in thickness. Most leather grips are 1.8mm thick.

There are other leathers on the market that are 0.8mm, but that's just way too thin.

My only concern is, after the grip gets compressed with time, that a 4-1/4 will feel too small. Og's compress within 1/2 an hour.

Planning on gripping the 98d up with a wilson pro-hybrid grip (weighs as much as wilson leather). Maybe if I get a 4-3/8's, wrap it tight, after a couple of days it will have compressed to 'normal' wilson size 3.
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