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Also BS that marks were not checked at the time - I played and worked at numerous events at Westside in the 70s from Jr events, WCT events and the US Open and on the Har Tru the marks got checked on a regular basis.
Checking marks on clay is as old as claycourt tennis, and that's very old. The fact that umpires sometimes refused to check them in the past if they felt the call was correct doesn’t do anything to improve the ugliness of what Connors did. The umpire had not even made any decision whether to check the mark or not. The fundmental truth about the a-s-s--h-o-le-ness of Jimmy Connors is easily ascertained by thousands of web pages where people call him all kinds of variations of ugly names. A well known quote by Arthur Ashe may be one of the most complimentary. When asked if he believed Connors was an as****, Ashe thought for a moment and then replied: “Yeah, but he was my favorite as****.

That’s an acceptable form of perfume. Moose's perfume is not.
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