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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Thanks for that Meaghs,
So approximately 15grams extra for the leather (depending on brand) and 10grams extra for a heavier syn.grip. The static and swing weight should be ok with the 98, no? I want it around 12.0-12.2oz, 5pts.HL and ~330sw. Should be able to acheive this with a stock 98d.

Completely agree, the flex is definitely not harsh; it's a crisp and solid flex. I'd like to go with the 95 but I think the 98 is for me (customized). I was driving the ball and getting massive 'top' on the reverse fh, helped me pick off that extra shot. Also, excellent slice frame, off of both wings. Addictive. Seemed like a versatile racquet (98d) to play strategic tennis with. Figure out your opponents weakness and exploit.
A rough estimate..............
Im thinking pro hybrid cut (19g) + og (6g) - yy grp (12g) = 13g + strung weight (320g) = 333g + lead 10-2 (7g) = 340g/6ptsHL/330sw
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