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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post

My only concern is, after the grip gets compressed with time, that a 4-1/4 will feel too small. Og's compress within 1/2 an hour.

Planning on gripping the 98d up with a wilson pro-hybrid grip (weighs as much as wilson leather). Maybe if I get a 4-3/8's, wrap it tight, after a couple of days it will have compressed to 'normal' wilson size 3.
Get a thin and light leather, Pre stretch them, they don't get compressed even after much usage. Synthetic replacement grips will probably need constant replacing.. And it's annoying having to use them a couple of days before they get to the right size.

After stretching my yonex leathers, I got them at 19 grams trimmed.

Prior to my yonex leathers, my fairways were thick (even with pre stretching) and heavy 25g.
Pacific X Force Modified (333g/5HL/333SW) + Solinco Tourbite 19 (1.10)

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