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Connors apparently rubbed out a mark at the '84 French, against McEnroe:

The video doesn't show him doing that, but you can see the two players confronting each other at the net:

In his loss to Wilander the previous year, Mac had tried unsuccessfully to get the umpire to check a mark. Again in '88 he couldn't get the umpire to check a mark, when he lost to Lendl.

Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
Weird that Mac said Hingis could get defaulted when she crossed the net at '99 French, I wonder if it is an actual rule or just an unwritten rule. And maybe that rule didn't exist in the 70s(since so many rules I posted upthread apparently didn't exist either)
Maybe you remember, Lendl crossed over to Wilander's side of the net to point out a mark, at the '82 French. The umpire just told him he had 15 seconds to serve.
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