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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post

Completely agree, the flex is definitely not harsh; it's a crisp and solid flex. I'd like to go with the 95 but I think the 98 is for me (customized). I was driving the ball and getting massive 'top' on the reverse fh, helped me pick off that extra shot. Also, excellent slice frame, off of both wings. Addictive. Seemed like a versatile racquet (98d) to play strategic tennis with. Figure out your opponents weakness and exploit.
Well put, the 98 is more of a conoisseur's frame-- you can do all sorts of crafty things with it. The 95 is more of a hitter's frame-- drive the ball hard and deep to win points.

Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
I dont find the Yonex dampener ugly. I prefer that the dampener be the same brand as the racket but that is plain silly in terms of performance. Once, I had a Volkl dampener to match a Volkl Organix 8 racket and it was terrible.

One should play with what is useful, even a rubber band works well as a dampener for many people, including pros (Roddick and Sharapova to name two).
Haha, I rather like the Yonex damp, they're growing on me. In 18x20's I use the Kirshbaum one exclusively (occasional affairs with a head logo, the old rubber ones not the junky plastic clear ones). Recently, now that I've been hitting 16x19, I played with a jolly roger square one, or the Mamba tennis one (really awesome damp).

Now that I got free yonex ones, they match and I like em. My only complaint is that the pointy end isn't conducive to spinning the racquet

Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
I'm a fashion victim, its all about the colour
I have the black, white, and am working on getting the yellow one!! I might have to get another frame first haha.
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