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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
During two recent sessions I out-hit our top two players on our team and one of the mid level players. I haven't played with them much being new to the team so they didn't know my game.

One of the top players joined us last night for the first time. I couldn't help but notice that he took his first three opportunities to return serves straight at my head eagerly while I was at net. But then I managed to volley them back and win the net exchange with him.

On serve I managed to win my service game handily while he started double faulting.

It went down hill for him from there.

I managed to return several serves right at him which he flubbed imto the net (lots of spin drove them below the net quickly).

After the session the other night the three of them discussed getting together over the weekend.

I was clearly excluded from the deliberations and not asked about my availability. They seemed annoyed that "the new guy" not only stood his ground but could out-play them. I was very disappointed to say the least as they certainly hit hard.
People put too much emphasis on winning when they should be really focused on improving, IMO. When I was younger I did this very same thing but then I discovered that by playing with better players(win or lose) ultimately pushes me to improve. And, in the long run, there's more benefit. Beat these guys in the next tournament!
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