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Originally Posted by nickarnold2000 View Post
People put too much emphasis on winning when they should be really focused on improving, IMO. When I was younger I did this very same thing but then I discovered that by playing with better players(win or lose) ultimately pushes me to improve. And, in the long run, there's more benefit. Beat these guys in the next tournament!
That's called having an ego-centered approach to playing and it's the most common IMO. You only play to earn respect and "kick people's asses" so to speak. The self-mastery and dedication involved in shaping a better one-hander or improving your serve consistency takes second place to proving how much better you are than the other guy.

On one hand you realize it's human nature, what can you do about it? Then you see people like Nadal who manage to remain humble and down to earth (or at least that's the image he portrays, since we can only wonder what goes on in his head) on a professional level even after winning multiple grand slams and holding the number one spot.
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