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Originally Posted by Legend of Borg View Post

I rest my case.....
You made no case to rest. You offered nothing.

Maybe less time posting and more time on the courts might provide you with the experience to understand how pecking orders based on self delusion develop in clubs. Or maybe just more time spent in the real world among people instead of on your keyboard.

There are lots of players who think way too highly of themselves, especially at the mid-level+, who become nasty when beaten by "lowly rising players".

Look no further than the pros for evidence.

Observe how often highly ranked players are dispatched by lower or rising players and the higher ranked players then offer excuses to explain their loss. It couldn't possibly be due to better player by the "lower" player. It was new mysterious injury, or the blue clay, or my relative died, or illness, or the umpire made bad calls, etc. No, it was anything except being out-played.

It's simply human nature and it occurs not only in tennis but in other sports and walks of life.

Heck, you have many thousands of posts on this forum and got all nasty when you couldn't cite any evidence to support your position in this discussion and instead chose to belittle and insult others who cited personal experience.

Now please, do ague that pros never become nasty and seek excuses for losing to lower/rising players. That will be very entertaining for the rest of us.
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