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Originally Posted by DeShaun View Post
were accustomed to rocking you?

Maybe I'm too competitive, but I like to take my lumps against better practice partners. The problem is that, once I finally turn the tables and play aggressively against them, now that I'm tired of them winning every "practice" point, they withdraw and become far less accessible as hitting partners.

What is wrong with me, or are these people being too delicate?

It's just a recreational sport. Man up and take your beatings. You didn't have any problem doling out the beatings before, you pansies! I do not understand these people.
When you play with these hitting partners, what are you doing? I mean, are you playing sets, just drilling from the baseline, playing out points from the baseline, what?

Asking because one way to make it enjoyable for both of you when your are playing with hitting partners of different levels is to do different things with each one... when I hit with weaker players we focus on getting good rallies going rather than trying to end points, but then with stronger players I play sets or other drills where we try win points.
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