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Originally Posted by Sanglier View Post
These are two of the more interesting racquets I picked up this past year while trawling through my neighborhood GW, in addition to that "Kennex Black Ace II" mentioned elsewhere:

Racquets at this location used to be $3.59 a pop, but they seem to have caught on to the fact that there are weirdos like me out there who are addicted to this stuff, as everything is now $5.49 each, including all the empty covers that so often cause bursts of excitement to be followed by giant let-downs. Incidentally, why are there so many empty covers at venues like this??!!! Do people give away their covers but keep the racquets? Or do these covers and their contents have a tendency to part ways during the sorting process?

I go "thrifting" once a week or so, but the staff there told me there is at least one other guy who goes there every single day just to look at the racquets. So I am always picking through his leftovers, and he usually doesn't leave me with a whole lot to look at. Maybe it's better this way, as I don't have to exert as much self-control to keep this fun game from progressing into a full blown mental disorder.
I am very surprised no one has commented on the Pro Staff 125...that is very rare in my experience. The String-loc Edge doesn't require a special tool to install the 'locs'...just a slight push with needle-nose pliers or similar will allow the insert to 'seat' in the barrel and the string tension does the rest. You might be able to re-use the plugs, but I'd recommend fresh ones if you have them.

I can't believe what you guys are finding. I haven't looked in a while but dropped off some stuff at GoodWill today and didn't see a single tennis racket in the place.

Regarding the covers...all sorts of ways to 'beget' extras...demos used to come with covers, replacement rackets came with covers(but you didn't return the customer cover--no need--extra cost), people used bags instead of covers....on and on. Up until the turn of the century, I didn't know of a single shop that didn't have dozens of extra covers...and no really good way to dispose of them. There were a lot of naugas who gave up their hides for those covers . If someone could actually re-cycle old tennis balls and racket covers into something useful, the world would be a better place .
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