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Mamba Premium Gut/MSV Co-Focus 1.18
This set up plays VERY good. It's soft, but not as soft as Polystar Energy but it's not off by much. It is everything that people have raved about Co-Focus. If I have to describe it, it's a slightly crisper version of Polystar Energy but just as comfortable. This stringbed provided excellent touch and feel.

Few notes, MSV Co-Focus was not pleasant to string at all. I don't know why but they did not want to be weaved through the mains. Also, people said it sounds like I'm hitting with a bat.

Mamba Premium Gut/Mamba Iontec 1.20
There are a lot buzz about Mamba Iontec lately, and I can see why. As a cross, Iontec provides a very soft string bed, on par with Polystar Energy.

Mamba Premium Gut/Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17
It's not the worst stringbed ever, but it's not to my liking. It's not as soft as Polystar Energy, Mamba Iontec, and MSV Co-Focus.
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