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TT is right weight training is the key to health,I have trained for years+it works magic for your joints.I had te bad 15 years ago from hitting tennis ball incorrectly+a lot of flyfishing.It took 3 months to heal.If you have it bad you cant weight lift,at least i couldnt.In those days i would only train in the winter+take the summers off.Now i weight lift all year so i can play tennis everyday.Three days a week i do a wrist+forearm workout just to prevent te.I will try the pressdowns he suggests.I am 50 years old play tennis 6 days a week.I use a babolat pure control, which is a pretty stiff racket,but out of all the rackets i have tried nothing plays as good.I use nat. gut at 48lbs+ with this racket it has great control.I use extreme western grip with a lot of wrist+windshieldwiper motion.I know this is supposed to be bad news for arm,but i developed this style before i heard all these bad reports on babolats+excessive wrist action.Sometimes i feel a little elbow pain but nothing real bad.The key is weight lifting,a lot of times when i do my first set of reverse curls i will feel a little discomfort in my elbow,but by the second set it vanishes.This supports the blood flow theory.I also train the legs back chest+arms.And i am talking about competitive singles play,not standing around in doubles.The key is weight training before you have injuries not after.If you get te bad it is impossible to do a forearm workout,+ it will make it worse.When i had te bad i couldnt even do bicep curls let alone reverse curls,the pain was to much to take.
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