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Sang...that's a pretty impressive collection. A Kramer Mid, I believe; R-22; and the Max Competition with the removable ball bearing weights...quite interesting.

When you said 'Spalding Smasher', I thought you meant the first 'expensive' racket I owned...the aluminum Smasher...FORTY BUCKS at Kmart in the late '60s...I didn't realize the name was resurrected for the composite.

The Genesis 660 was incredibly popular in Atlanta ca 1990...sold for ~ $200 the first year, then 'we' had them at Sports Authority a couple of years later...strung for $89...didn't even have to put them on the pegs...sold right out of the shipping boxes.

michael_1265, Austin has at least 15 GoodWill locations...7 or 8 along ONE highway!!! The GoodWill "outlet" used to be fairly close to us and I found some serious bargains for .99 or 1.99, but they relocated more than 25 miles away. I stop by 3-5 locations periodically; but it seems I'm only finding broken rackets or yet another Chemold piece of junk . I've still got 80 rackets on the wall and a few dozen in crates...I really need to either stop or seriously get started again!
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