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Originally Posted by dgoran View Post
Hahah if I did not know any better I would think that my friend Bobby is trying to discredit my genuine typhoon enthusiasm and my professional opinion on this string...
For the record i spent at least $500 or more on typhoon in the last 2 years just so people don't think I am getting it for free.

Come on bobby give the guy a chance Alex is really nice once you get to know him better. He has our euro blood. Don't let personal opinions stand in between you and at least half of ntrp level up if not a whole point up...yes it's that good. You could be 3.5 with that string
Not sure I am able to read into what you and bobfl are talking about, but I'll give some feedback.

The Tennis Depot, being that they knew I reviewed strings wanted an unbias review of a string without posting about it on TW. The review was to be solely for Tennis Depot. They asked if I was interested, so I said yes. I was provided a black poly string in a clear bag. That is all. No name, company information, or other info.

After I hit with it, I asked what the name of the string was, who made it, and where could I purchase it, as I wanted to make it my new string. This is how much I liked it. I was told it wouldn't be available for perhaps up to a year, but was given a few more free sets. A little less than a year of waiting, the string was released by Gensis and named Black Magic.

Not sure why people are so quick to think or presume that their is hidden agendas with everything posted, as if anyone posting a positive note about any Genesis string, they must be being paid.
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