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I prefer the made-in-Taiwan Solinco tour bite. I have used 2 reels of it and will continue using it. I tried some other popular strings, including Black Magic, RPM, Black/Red/Rough code, and a few others made by Genesis. But I always count on Tour-bite whenever I need to play more competitively. I don't feel Tour-bite is that stiff , compared to my previous regular Alu Power.

There are quite some good strings which are made-in-Taiwan, such as Tour-bite and Pro Supex Big Ace (Revo). Unlike you, I understand why people use them. It is rather simple -- they are good quality strings and reasonably priced.
I'm with 100%, but I do prefer Typhoon to Barb wire. Typhhon will play for me to the very end, where BW only great for the very first hit. Never liked TB.
I wish BW could perform as long as typhoon.
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