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Originally Posted by Leto View Post
The key advantages I see Nadal having over Borg on clay, are his incredible RPM's and his being a lefty (like Borg's nemesis, JMac was).

Even if I mentally update Borg's groundies to more modern equipment, it's too much of a stretch to say he could match the level of Rafa's brutal top-spin FH's.

On the other hand, if Rafa had to play with wooden rackets, he'd probably be toast....but for a variety of reasons that I won't get into here, it is my preference to compare players of different eras, based on the most modern form of the game.
A sensible approach, updating the game to modern equipment, rather than backdate modern players. Borg never had a problem with lefties (McEnroe was a problem, but not because he was lefty, but because Borg was starting to feel the burn of being at the top for so long by the time they started their rivalry).

The topspin forehand of course is troubling, but if you are updating Borg's equipment to modern racquets, you have no way of knowing that he couldn't match, or at least come close, to the RPMs produced by Rafa. Remember that Borg hit full Western with a 15 oz racquet, 72 square inch head, strung at 80 pounds with gut, and still managed to have incredibly heavy spin. Give '78 Borg a modern racquet on clay and he would be terrifying.

No matter what, I think it would be an interesting match, and I seriously doubt that either player would "dominate". Borg was quicker around the court, Rafa has the forehand advantage, Borg the backhand. Serve negligible between them (neither is all that strong). Borg would have the crowd (always did). Would be a classic, I'm sure.

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