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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
The Bucholz interview was in 04/04/2007 in Bodo's Tennis World, where Bucholz describes his witnessing Hoad drink all night before his matches with Laver, and then win the matches, all 13 of them.
Bucholz rates Hoad #1 of all time, as does Laver himself, who claims he lost the first 14 of his matches against Hoad (in the DVD of the top ten all-time narrated by John Forsythe, 1997).
The Laver interview and the DVD is now available for general order.
The only scores I have seen were reported in the London Times and New York Times, and also the McCauley book, who wrongly claims that the final Hoad-Laver score was 8 to 0. This score also appears in Collins book on Laver, published 1971, perhaps the source for McCauley. Actually, 8 to 0 was the score of the Laver-Hoad tour of 1964 in Laver's home state, which was followed by a 3 to 1 edge for Hoad in the four-man tour of New Zealand. Perhaps Laver provided the faulty source of the 8 to 0 from his memory of the 1964 tour.
That's an interview and can be wrong. I don't see documented facts here. I've also seen interviews in which they mention that Laver didn't win any sets off of Hoad which is incorrect.

To state the obvious you're very partial to Hoad. I think Hoad was fantastic and I don't think he needs excuses to prove he was a superb player.
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