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Originally Posted by jackson vile View Post
Borg had the talent of Federer and the mental and physicality of Nadal. He was a superior player.
I agree...not sure if I think he is quite as talented as Fed but he was very talented.

Borg also might actually equal or surpass Nadal in stamina which has always been Nadal's greatest weapon in my opinion. If Nadal saw a guy on the other side of the net who could go eight hours with him, it might affect Nadal's confidence.

The general point though is that Borg was be unbeatable on slow and also excel on fast surfaces (nigh unbeatable on fast, low bouncing grass) is quite unbelievable. One thing for sure, Mac probably could not have beaten Borg at Wimby on today's speed grass. Playing today, Borg might have run off another couple of Wimby's and a few more FO's.

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