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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
To clarify for others, you like gut/poly which is still quite a bit different from full gut. Given that you like gut/poly, it makes sense that you like RIP Control. It gives you the spin of a multi with some power too. My problem with gut is just too much power. I love it on serves but I can't flatten out my shots well with it. I'm trying to get away from just hitting looping topspin all the time as I get older.
Yes, gut poly. I have not gone full gut but I may setup my backup stick with it just because I love the feel.

I actually really like the power of the gut in the PDR, which is a cannon. I use the poly crosses to control it, and that level of spin makes it very controllable. I can flatten out shots as well. It has just helped me control my swing better and I can hit more consistent.
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