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Originally Posted by diegoeste View Post
Hi everyone, Id like to get this raquets coze the specs seems to be ok but Ive some questions and hope that all of you can help me.

1-TW said that this raquet is too powerful and w/o feel. Can someone give me their feedback?

2-This raquets seems to swing fast in stock form due to the low sw, agin can someone confirm this?

3- is a stable raquet or need some led?

1. This racquet has plenty of feel, esp on slices.

2. The sw is somewhere between a prestige mp and a 6.1 95. Feels about 325.

3. The racquet is very stable in stock form, I can half volley my 1hbh with ease from the baseline.

If you feel a wilson 6.1 is too much of a club and a prestige mp is too low powered, this is your stick. The wierd parts of this racquet is the stock grip is thin and the butcap has no flare, so you might want to customize that if you like a little edge down there. Overall top notch stick in the 95 headsize esp if you are an aggresive player.
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