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Originally Posted by Clintspin View Post
That Spalding Smasher plays very nicely. It would surprise most people.
It certainly surprised me Very crisp and clean, reminds me a bit of the PS85, yet different somehow. Dimensionally, it is a virtual clone of those Wilson frames - only a tiny fraction of an inch shorter, though the string pattern is completely different. It is made with "continuous length" graphite fibers, which I take to mean they are braided (perhaps that's where the similarity with the PS comes from). This is what it looks like piggybacked to a PS85:

TMR: I haven't had the Max Competition for very long, so I am only attached to it to the extent that none of my other racquets comes with shiny little ball bearings! This racquet is far from pristine, but most of the wear appears to be directed at the bumper (see below). It's a size 2, so you will probably have to build up the grip if you plan to play with it. I am a sucker for weird and unusual racquets, but I don't usually go out of my way to look for anything specific; if you really want this thing and have something with equally unique features to trade, feel free to email me at tschapkaATyahoo.

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