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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
A 13 match series could be the total of both Rosewall and Laver. Without scores there is no documentation. I have scores of only six wins in that series myself by Hoad over Laver. Many sources also have Hoad defeating Laver 8-0 on that tour.

I've seen recollections by players that are so far off that it's quite amusing. The years may fog the memories of the players.
Cas Fish in Tennis Today recounts the series between Hoad and Laver, stating that they were contracted to play a 13 match series (and we know from other sources that Rosewall and Laver also played a 13 match series).
Fish also states that Hoad won 39 straight sets sometime during the run.
These facts are consistent with the recollections of Laver himself (and players do not usually forget getting skunked in a series 13 to 0, you are grasping at straws here).
Bucholz was also playing the same tour, and was an interested observer, hardly likely to forget such an unusual outcome as 13 to 0 (his own recollection, probably backed by written data), which caused Bucholz himself to rate Hoad as number one all-time.
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