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Originally Posted by urban View Post
The score of 8-0 for Hoad in January 1963 also appears in the 1964 Laver book Tennis- The winning way, by Jack Pollard. As Pollard was also the shadowwriter of Hoad, i assume, that this early reference is right. McCauley has the score of 7 matches in Australia/ NZ, maybe one more win for Hoad was played in the US later. If we are talking about the Australia-NZ series with the doubleheader Laver-Hoad, and Laver- Rosewall, Laver had to deal with both of them each meeting within two days, what he himself calls putting his head into a cement mixer. The score of the first Laver-Rosewall series in Australia and NZ was 11-13, 2-3 in Australia, 0-8 in NZ. Maybe that explains the false 13 matches score.
I believe that the 8 to 0 score refers to the Laver-Hoad tour of Laver's home state in early 1964, in which Laver defeated Hoad 8 to 0.
The following month, Hoad defeated Laver 3 to 1 in the four-man New Zealand tour, with Rosewall in third place (Hoad and Laver both finished at 7 and 5, but Hoad claimed first place on the 3 to 1 hth with Laver).
The 1964 book may have been confused.
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