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So many dummies. Ok, WTF is considered a very very slow court, you think it's fast??? That is one big reason Fed dominates Nadal on that surface when they play the year end championships. It also doesn't bounce too high. The other thing, why does your brain not factor in other things besides court speed? Borg tried to play competitively when he came out of retirement at age 25, but he actually couldn't adapt to everyone else who started using graphite and modern equipment. The era he dominated was natural gut and woodies. Players nowadays play with much more pace and more spin. Since the advent of polys and copolys the spin has really changed the spin in that of consistancy, and top spin, but also in terms of you can't just rush the net anymore and S/V like borg and so many other tennis greats of that time were doing on a constant basis. The game changed and it isn't just the court speed. How do you not know any of this and start a stupid thread basing your idea on one thing???

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Basically, everything is slow now except the USO and the WTF....Borg would have had a hey day!

This is one reason that I think Borg is better than Nadal: he excelled on his best surfaces (slow surfaces) and was very, very good on the fast grass of Wimby. Conversely, I think if Nadal had played under Borg's conditions, he would have won the FO and maybe 1-2 other slams but that's it. When it comes to skill across all surfaces, Nadal seems more like a Vilas than a Borg.
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