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I played a match today with Mamba Premium Gut 1.30 / Iontec 1.25 strung at 50/50 on my dropweight machine, which came out to a stringbed tension of 52.8 on RacquetTune with calibrated string factors. I think that's about the equivalent of 53/53 on a lockout machine. My normal setup is Discho Microfibre strung at 50 on my dropweight machine, but it comes out to 56.2 on RacquetTune, so it's about a 56 on a lockout (differences are probably due to elongation).

No full multi that I know of approaches this setup when it comes to spin. However, I think the extra power is throwing me off a bit. Shots that I know would have easily been in with my regular setup went long. When I prepare properly and hit a topspin drive, the spin generally keeps the ball in, but reflex shots and defensive shots, where I don't have time to prepare properly, are going out more often than they do with my regular setup. At the same time, the stringbed tension may be a bit high for me. Dwell time and forgiveness on off-center hits do not seem to be as good as my regular setup. Maybe I need to decrease the tension on the poly for better dwell time and more "give" and increase the tension on the gut for less power? If I do, I'm a little concerned about the difference in tension between mains and crosses after the poly crosses lose tension. I can already tell that the tension loss of the poly is a factor as I test the tension on a daily basis.

I can see that gut/poly has potential. There's no other way for me to get this combination of spin and arm-friendliness. However, it's not giving me the kind of confidence I need to take full swings like I do with Discho Microfibre or Prince Premier Attack. I find myself hitting too many "safe" shots. I might have to experiment with different tensions, and possibly different strings that are less powerful. Another thing I might try is a full set of Mamba Premium Gut at a higher tension.
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