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Originally Posted by Orion3 View Post
Trimming down to 2g seems to have done the trick - I managed to get a game with a regular partner after all. Serve was good and groundies were much better.

Playing again on Wednesday, if all is still well afterwards I think I shall settle on this setup.

Still interested to try 6 o'clock though. Maybe on my 3rd frame when it arrives.

Interestingly, since moving to this frame, I've reverted to a SW forehand grip. Playing a big hitter like this partner today, I struggled at times to 'middle' the ball. When I switched to an eastern grip - pow!

Going to persevere with the SW for a bit longer and hope it was just my timing was a little off.
I'm glad it worked well for you!

Definitely try 6 on a spare frame if you have a set up that's working now. It's fun to try an you can always flip it into the set up you like.

I use a SW most of the time mixed with conti. I don't even remember how to hit an eastern forehand properly any more LOL!

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