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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
I guess you must have a low opinion of Rosewall, Laver, and Gonzales, all of whom put Hoad at the top of their all-time list.
I will join my own opinion to theirs, rather than yours.
I hope that you are not offended by that.
"Come inside, the show's about to start.
Guaranteed to blow your head apart."

Laver and Rosewall do, indeed, put Hoad at the top of their pre open era lists. But, they politely don't rank themselves. So, you have to wonder what they really think about that. I personally put Laver above Hoad on any all time list, before and/or after open tennis. But, that's just my opinion. However, I'm pretty confident that Gonzales put himself at the top of his list, and I couldn't disagree with him.

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