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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
There were also press reports, still available, that both Hoad and Rosewall signed contracts to play a 13 match series against Laver in January, 1963.
Please produce those reports. Please quote from them.

In the meantime there is this press report from the last day of 1962, indicating that Laver was contracted to play only 22 matches, not the 26 you have claimed:

Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Combined with the recollections of Bucholz and Laver, who were both present throughout the series, this constitutes pretty strong documentation.
You haven't given us the press reports; the only evidence you've documented so far are the quotes from Laver and Bucholz. Both of those recollections took place decades after the events in question. That's really weak evidence.

Meanwhile we have documented press reports stating flat out that Hoad's final margin over Laver in that tour was 8-0.

Moreover, in August 1968 Sports Illustrated had this: "Laver lost all eight of his matches to Hoad and lost 11 of 13 to Rosewall."

McCauley reported those same numbers, and actually produced scores from 6 of Hoad's wins. No one as yet has produced more than 8, still less 13.
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