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Those press reports, Krosero found, correspond with my assesment of the 1963 pro season. After a rough baptism in January and at the beginnig of the US pro tour (with uncommon indoor courts), Laver slowly came alive as pro, and in the second part of the season in Europe, he came quite close in challenging Rosewall as pro Nr. 1. That early January tour in Australia/NZ was actually closer than the overall score would tell. In the big venues of Australia, Laver was only 2-3 against the pro king Rosewall, then broke down in NZ. Maybe the pro format of one match ervery night got to him, maybe the psychological burden of the young pro, which every new pro encountered, was too much. On the US spring tour, he did sometimes well against Rosewall, once beating him love and 3 at Madison Square Garden, when Allison Danzig, as refered by Jack Pollard, called his progress as pro astonishing. Overall Rosewall was clearly the Nr. 1 player in 1963, he won Paris in a very close affair over Laver, and later Wembley over Hoad. But Laver had a pretty good roockie season, although 1963 was numerically by far his worst season in all the 60s.
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