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I forgot to mention, last week I tried the Mamba Premium/Iontec setup at a lower tension: 44/44 on my dropweight, which measured at 47.7 on RacquetTune, so it would probably equate to 48/48 on a lockout.

I only hit with it this way for a short time. I compared it head to head with Discho Microfibre. Spin was even greater than at the higher tension, but so was power. The forgiveness on off-center hits was not as good as the full multi. My serves were incredible with this setup, but I cut it out to try the higher tension because it was just too powerful.

If I do keep trying gut/poly, I'll probably go with less tension on the poly and more on the gut. I think I'll want a more elastic poly and a less powerful gut. Maybe Supra gut? It would interesting to hear from anyone who compared Premium to Supra. I might also try Iontec Black.
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