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Fully agree, pc 1. Those folklore tails of the old pro tour did more damage than good for the tour. Since McCauley's book we have a solid fundament of scores, so that we can divide the truth from the myth. I must say, i immensely dislike this Kramer talk, about tanking this and tanking that. Going by his talking, he, Kramer, carried Gonzalez in their first tour, Gonzalez carried Rosewall, Hoad tanked that and drank this, Riggs was the best player ever, only he, Kramer, was a drawing card and so on. If all this ******** would have been true, what a mess would have been the old pro circus, far worse than the WWF. I must say, i have a different picture of this old tour, with an athletic elite battling it out proudly and fair, under extremely difficult conditions, but performing the most well rounded tennis ever played.
This post stands on its own.

Incidentally on a slightly different note. Many people criticize the Former Players Forum because some may claim the people here only criticize the current players. But as proven in these discussions about Hoad, it's not criticism of current player but just discussions on the facts involving the past or current players. If some feel the information given is wrong, then it should be discussed.

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