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Originally Posted by texacali View Post
Hmmm. Now in my 50's.

The Everyday Youth Years:
Stan Smith Capri (Department store special)
Spalding Pancho Gonzalez Auto
Jack Kramer Auto
Stan Smith Auto
Yamaha YFG 30
Yamaha YFG 20

The Intermittent Years
Dunlop Maxply Fort (college years, bought from friend for $10.00)
Unknown thrift shop find
Pro Kennex (found racket - free!)
Fox WB-215 and 210

The Tennis Rediscovered Years:
Prince TT Scream
Prince Air-O Cloud

I haven't had money or commitment to buy high end rackets (no Babolat for me!) so I make do with whatever racket I have.
i understand completely, i do not care for the high end modern racquets of today. most of the ones i have seen (Babolat or Wilson) are too stiff for my little skinny arms anyway.
you can find some really good deals on flea bay and TW (especially in the winter) on some really great old classics. I have bought several Prince, Wilson, Fox and others for almost nothing - usually around $10-20 + shipping. Had them restrung and they play like they were brand new.
Last winter i bought a POG for around $14.50 i think and this year i got 2 Wilson Reflexes for $25.00 for both.
Hang in there, we are still playing even at our age and that is a miracle in of itself.
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