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Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
I originally thought the '10-per-day' limit might be a good idea, limiting the spaming, etc...

But then it dawned on me that from a reader's point of view, alimit would eliminate the entertaining fanboy flame war exchanges between the 'nads' & '*****'.

In addition, limiting a fanboy who just read a provocative, trolling new thread title about "his favorite pro" to only 10 posts per diem would push many of these psycho pillowbitters over the edge, lol ..... hell, you'd have to put half of 'em on suicide watch.

So in the interest of entertainment AND suicide prevention, I'm taking the 'low road' - no limits please.
Ouch, thats a lot of drama. Maybe people are just killing time and do not like to watch tv.
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