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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Laver would hardly forget a 13 to 0 skunking,
Not evidence, and not relevant.

Originally Posted by urban View Post
The score of 8-0 for Hoad in January 1963 also appears in the 1964 Laver book Tennis- The winning way, by Jack Pollard. As Pollard was also the shadowwriter of Hoad, i assume, that this early reference is right. McCauley has the score of 7 matches in Australia/ NZ, maybe one more win for Hoad was played in the US later. If we are talking about the Australia-NZ series with the doubleheader Laver-Hoad, and Laver- Rosewall, Laver had to deal with both of them each meeting within two days, what he himself calls putting his head into a cement mixer. The score of the first Laver-Rosewall series in Australia and NZ was 11-13, 2-3 in Australia, 0-8 in NZ. Maybe that explains the false 13 matches score.
Do you know if Hoad went to New Zealand? For that part of the tour McCauley has only Laver playing Rosewall, and Ayala facing Gimeno, in a series of double-headers in 7 cities.
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